Coming Attractions

UFT Retiree Las Vegas Section will be holding its first Virtual membership meeting by way of Zoom, scheduled for Thursday, August 27th, starting at 2 PM (PST).

Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to join.

You will meet UFT Staff, addressing your concerns and questions regarding changes to our Health Care coverage, updates regarding our Pension and other important topics. You will receive an e-mail detailing how to join the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Running Mate

Joe Biden just picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate. This is an exciting and historic moment at a critical time when our nation is desperate for leadership.

While all of the women Biden was considering are incredible leaders, we are confident that Harris will be a real partner in governing. I’m excited for her to become our nation’s first female vice president. She will help Biden solve America’s immediate crises: a global pandemic, an economic crisis and a long-overdue reckoning on racial injustice.

Kamala Harris has a long history of supporting public education. She has consistently engaged with our union and our members, from her time in state politics in California to her recent campaign for president. She’s been committed to fully funding public education; she supports the right to organize; and she has a history of fighting for voting rights, LGBTQ equality and women’s rights. When our members went on strike in Los Angeles in 2019, she was one of the first national figures to publicly support our members. And in this long-overdue moment of racial reckoning, her leadership on the Justice in Policing Act of 2020 is what we need.

I have no doubt the right wing will, right away, start attacking Harris with sexism, racism and probably even outlandish conspiracy theories. We want to immediately show our support for the Biden-Harris ticket.

We can’t let the right-wing attacks of Harris on social media go unchecked. Can you share this graphic with a few quick facts about her record to counter the onslaught of racism and sexism? Click here to share the graphic on Facebook, and click here to share the graphic on Twitter.

Go to: .

To overcome the crises facing our nation, we must defeat Donald Trump—making this the most important election of our lifetime.

Instead of deploying the public health tools at his disposal, Trump has downplayed the threat of the coronavirus, dismissed the advice of our nation’s top scientists and public health experts, and jeopardized students and educators alike in the rush to recklessly and unsafely reopen school buildings. Trump has fanned the flames of prejudice and made the divisions in our country much worse: the Muslim ban, the border wall, calling white supremacists “very fine people,” and blaming Chinese people for COVID-19, to name just a few examples. And as unemployment insurance expires, protections for renters run out, the Postal Service is starved, and schools and states faced draconian cuts, Trump has refused to work with Democrats to pass a real relief bill.

Four more years of this will tear our country apart.

We’ve got a choice between two campaigns—and two visions for America—that couldn’t be more different.

The Biden-Harris campaign has offered a hopeful vision for America’s future. Joe Biden is the deeply decent, experienced, caring and competent leader America needs in this moment. He and Kamala Harris are the team we need not just to confront the enormous crises we face but to reimagine a fairer, more just nation that prioritizes America’s workers and families. That means strengthening public education, enabling unions, ensuring healthcare for all, and restoring our democracy and our sense of decency and justice. Imagine a president guided by facts and science, determined to lead with solutions instead of scapegoating; a president who listens and respects the voice and experience of educators, health professionals and other workers; who will confront racial injustice rather than fan the flames of racism; who will strengthen public education rather than tear it down; and who will cherish our environment and make our economy work for working and middle-class people rather than the rich and powerful. Biden will fight alongside us for a better life and a better future for all who call our country home.

We have 84 days left to do this. And I know that, together, we can elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Let’s keep organizing,
Randi Weingarten
AFT president

Voting Update

Nevada adopts AB4 Voting By Mail. The legislation caught the attention of President Trump.

Here are some points you should know about the law.

What the bill really does:

Every active voter will receive a ballot in the mail, no need to request one
Expands in-person voting during early voting to 44+ early voting locations
Expands in-person voting for election day to 150+ voting locations
Allows ballots collection for voters in need
Ballot collectors must be approved
This will primarily be used for groups that are too far from available voting sites
ie. Native American tribal land, for instance

According to the Secretary of State website, ballots must be mailed out no later than 20 days before early voting begins October 17th.

Voters could be getting their ballots as early as September 28th – October 5th.

What makes this controversial right now?

President Trump has threatened a Federal lawsuit to stop expansion of mail-in ballots in Nevada.

Pres. Trump has also threatened an Executive Order preventing other states including Nevada from expanding mail-in ballot options.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Republicans and Pres. Trump are claiming there’s “rampant fraud” with mail-in/absentee ballots.

The truth is, according to Secretary of State’s Office, zero reports of fraud came from the most recent Primary where ballots were mailed to registered voter in the state.

Years prior, there’s been no credible evidence of voter fraud by mail in Nevada.

Nationwide, the evidence for mail-in ballot fraud is so scant it comes out to 0.0006%

Most famous case stems from a Republican candidate in North Carolina, courts ruled the election to be completed again.

Some things to note concerning mail-in voting from the Primary:

The Nevada Primary had its highest turnout in a Primary since 1996 (according to the Secretary of State’s office testimony).

4% increase in most counties.

Nearly 30% turnout for Primary overall, one of the highest percentages ever.

Rurals in particular had a high turnout.

Republicans voted 10+ points over their voter registration in several areas.

Not a slam dunk Democrats win simply because of ballots being mailed.

Watch And Share AFT's Ad Calling Out McConnell

Americans are in trouble—they’re dealing with a deadly pandemic, their enhanced unemployment insurance is running out, and they’re wondering how they’re going to afford rent—yet Trump is using the crisis to try to force permanent cuts to Social Security. All while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking another vacation instead of passing a coronavirus relief bill.

We’ve released new ads calling out McConnell’s and the Trump administration’s repeated refusal to pass a coronavirus stimulus bill, leaving hundreds of millions of American families struggling to survive with the economy in free fall. Click here to watch and share the new ad. Go to: .

Even though the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act in May, in the Senate it took months for McConnell to cobble together even a partisan COVID-19 bill, while virus raged on. And when it was time to sit down with the White House to negotiate a new COVID-19 package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer were there, but McConnell was nowhere to be found. How is it that McConnell and Senate Republicans wasted no time in passing a bailout for corporations and the cruise ship industry, but they couldn’t come to the table to produce a plan that helps individual Americans who are in desperate need of relief?

Coronavirus cases continue to devastate states and cities in hot spots throughout the South and Southwest. The economy is in deep trouble. We have a looming eviction crisis, and there are lines for food banks across the country. We need billions in stimulus to repair the fiscal damage the virus has caused to state and local budgets and to pay for the personal protective equipment and safety guardrails that are essential to safely reopening schools and businesses.

Our community hospitals on the frontlines need funding to fight the pandemic. Our state and local services are in crisis and are counting on help from Washington, D.C. Pelosi and her colleagues passed a bill in the House that would help. In the Senate, Schumer has tried to negotiate in good faith, even saying he’ll meet Trump and McConnell right in the middle.

McConnell is hoping we don’t notice that the Senate is taking another vacation. He’s hoping that we don’t organize and mobilize to get a bill passed. That’s why, right now, we have to keep up the phone calls and the emails to our senators.

Watch and share out new ad now. Let’s keep the spotlight on McConnell so that he’ll feel pressure to pass a coronavirus relief bill.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

Trump Betrays Seniors by Directing Social Security Cuts

President Trump just tweeted that he plans to sign an executive order to cut the payroll
tax that funds Social Security and Alliance For Retired Americans, Executive Director Fiesta immediately issued a statement in response.

“After learning that Democratic and Republican Congressional Leaders would not go along with
his harebrained scheme to cut Social Security’s dedicated funding source, President Trump
lashed out and announced he would begin dismantling the system single-handedly,” said Fiesta.

He added that seniors pay for their housing, food and medicine with their Social Security, putting into our economy every year. Since older Americans have earned their benefits through a lifetime of work, their retirement security should not be put at risk “because President Trump is mad at Congress for not bending to his will.”

“Alliance members will fight this attempt to gut Social Security, and when voting starts in
September we will remember who was willing to defend and protect our earned benefits,” he

Randi Calls On You To Help Pass The Heroes Act

Mitch McConnell finally released his proposal last week. I’m sure you’re not surprised, but the proposal is bad. Simply put, it doesn’t match the scale of the crisis.

What McConnell is proposing for families and public education is woefully inadequate given the expenses schools are facing to reopen safely and people are facing just to stay afloat. It falls dramatically short by ignoring what schools need to reopen safely and, instead, prioritizes the president’s political agenda, tying the funding to in-person instruction and diverting money for private school vouchers. There is no money for states and no protections for health care workers. And it leaves people who have lost their jobs in the biggest economic crisis in a generation wondering if they’re going to get any help at all.

We need to extend the enhanced unemployment benefits. McConnell is standing in the way. People are facing an eviction crisis. Renters need relief, but Republicans are more interested in bailouts for corporations than passing a bill that helps people.

Can you believe it? GOP lawmakers are actually using the COVID-19 pandemic to try to pass a bill with political goals they couldn’t pass on their own. To rub salt in the wound, while this proposal includes no protections for workers on the front lines of fighting the pandemic, it does include a nice bailout for corporations and other employers to limit their liability if employees get sick on the job.

The Senate needs to hear from you right now. Call your senators and tell them that McConnell’s proposal is bad.

I know we’re all busy, but I want to thank you for consistently taking action. We’ve driven tens of thousands of emails and phone calls to the Senate. Let’s keep it going and stop McConnell’s bad proposal.

In unity,

Randi Weingarten

AFT President

Carmen Alvarez Newest Addition To Las Vegas UFT Retiree Staff

If you were teaching in special education before retirement you might know Carmen Alvarez, UFT VP for special education.

With the growth of our retiree Chapter, the UFT has enlisted the assistance of Carmen, recently retired UFT VP, to support us. She has generously agreed to assist Rich Miller, UFT Retiree Coordinator, from New York City.

Many of your questions or problems that come up require answers from an expert at the UFT offices. If you have a question or need any assistance you now have another contact to lean on. She is readily available by e-mail at: and by phone at: 212 598 9546. Please make note of this contact information.

With her years of leadership experience, and proximity to the UFT offices, we are indeed fortunate to have her join the leadership of our Retiree Chapter.

New Dentist Joins UFT Welfare Dental Program

If you are looking for a Dentist accepting the UFT SIDS Program under our Cigna program, take a moment to check our newest listing:

Dr. Vuong Do, DDS
Red Hills Dental
9770 S. Maryland Pkwy #8
Las Vegas, NV 89183
Monday- Saturday
(next to Chase Bank)
Office Ph # 702 463-7300
Fax # 702 754 0229

Note Change Of E-mail Address For Rich

Due to hacking of the account, please note the change of address is now:

If you need to contact him, you still can call his cell# 702 287 7129 and send an e-mail: Please keep these contact numbers handy.